Mold Remediation & Removal Services

Mold Remediation & Removal in Lake Wylie, SC and Surrounding Areas

If you’re a homeowner in the Carolina’s, you may have dealt with a silent invader in your attic, basement, garage, or even living areas: MOLD. Our certified mold remediation experts use the latest techniques and equipment to ensure complete removal down to the source, following stringent guidelines to prevent future occurrences in homes and business in Lake Wylie, SC and all surrounding areas.

Fast response time. Thorough and efficient work. Very helpful and knowledgeable. If you have to have someone do work on your home, you want them to be trustworthy and reliable. This company is where you’ll find it. Highly recommend!
Amanda Valvo
Amanda Valvo
22 April 2024
Cody is very knowledgeable and experienced in what his company does! He came to the home to assess the leakage damage and arranged the mitigation service fast! During the process, he also came out to check the progress multiple times. He is so supportive that he answered all my questions and was very patient to explain why and what I should expect. When there is a water damage, there could be a lot worry or even panic for us, but Cody has made me worry free, not only because he was referred by the insurance company which means he has plenty of experience to handle our situation, and but also because the way he was willing to spend time with me on ALL questions has ensured me that he truly cares about his client and his work quality! Thank you for your strong support during this stressful period, Cody! The outcome has been fantastic! I strongly recommend him and his company!
Lilian Tao
Lilian Tao
11 April 2024
Cody and his team were professional and timely with the work they completed at my house. Cody provided frequent updates and kept me informed during the whole process. I would definitely recommend their services!
Noemi Montoya
Noemi Montoya
30 April 2023
Fantastic service. I’ve had multiple unrelated issues, and they showed up the same day that I contacted them. Wouldn’t use anyone else.
Dan Kozlowski
Dan Kozlowski
11 January 2023
The gentlemen from Dark Sky did a great job keeping us informed throughout the restoration process. They were professional and kind and their work was neat and and non intrusive. I would highly recommend!
Katy Hill
Katy Hill
19 January 2022
Dark Sky Restoration came to my area after Hurricane Ida, almost every home in the area had damages The crew showed up promptly and worked very efficiently! They had a plan develop quickly and started the work as soon as possible Because of the equipment and technology they used I was able to limit the losses to my home. My house was among the first houses in my area to have work done. They did such a good job for me that I used them on my rental property and also referred them to friends and family. The highlight of the whole process was the exceptional communication from the company owner, Cody. .
Denise Soto
Denise Soto
7 January 2022
My washer leaked while we were out of town this summer and I called Dark Sky Restoration on a recommendation from a friend. I was able to get somebody over for an estimate within an hour and they started work that day. After getting all of the water out, they removed the flooring and replaced it so that no mold would build up. It was a stressful situation, but I am really appreciative for Cody and the team's responsiveness. Best of all, they helped me out with the insurance stuff which is NOT my cup of tea. Hopefully I'll never need this service again, but if I do - it'll be DSR that I call.
Michael Burns
Michael Burns
24 August 2021

Frequently Asked Questions About Mold

How do I remove mold? – We highly recommend that you don’t even attempt to remove the mold yourself. If not handled properly, you could expose yourself to extreme health risks and cross-contamination can occur if the mold remediation process isn’t performed correctly, and other areas of your home may be infested with spores, making the problem much worse than before.

Can mold hurt my children or pets? – While effects of mold exposure can greatly vary from one person (or pet) to another, there are many health concerns associated with this silent invader. The range of side effects can be mild including, allergic reactions, irritation (skin, eyes, nose, throat, lungs, etc.), respiratory issues, flu-like symptoms, and even more serious problems such as infections, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, or even an increased cancer risk with certain types of mold.

Our Mold Remediation & Removal Process

Our process to remove mold for Carolina homeowners is simple, yet effective. It is equally important to make sure the mold does not have an environment to encourage future growth. Our extensive process includes:

  1. Inspection and Assessment – Our specialists conduct a thorough inspection of your property using advanced detection tools to identify the presence and extent of mold. This assessment helps us develop an effective plan tailored specifically to your property.
  2. Containment Procedures – To prevent the spread of mold spores during the remediation process, we use containment methods such as physical barriers and negative air pressure. This step is crucial to maintaining the safety of your property while we address the mold issue.
  3. Air Filtration – High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are used to clean the air of mold spores and other particles. Our advanced air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums are effective in maintaining clean, healthy air throughout the remediation process.
  4. Removing Mold and Mold-Infested Materials – Depending on the severity of mold growth, some materials may need to be removed and disposed of, such as drywall, insulation, and carpeting. Our team handles the safe removal of these materials according to local regulations.
  5. Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Treating Salvageable Materials – We have an in depth multi step process to remove and kill mold at the source which includes, spore removal, washing affected surfaces with an oxidizing detergent agent, applying an EPA-approved antimicrobial to all surfaces to help prevent future growth.
  6. Drying – Since mold thrives in moist environments, our team will use the most advanced drying equipment and systems available to thoroughly dry building materials.
  7. Cleaning Contents and Belongings – We clean and sanitize furniture, decorative items, and other restorable items affected by mold. Our cleaning techniques are aimed at restoring your belongings without causing damage.
  8. Air Quality Testing – An air quality test will be conducted to ensure that the mold spore count has been returned to a safe, normal level in the indoor environment. We will provide a full report with the results of the air quality testing and comparison of pre and post remediation results.
  9. Reconstruction – The final step involves repairing and reconstructing any areas damaged by mold or the remediation process. Our restoration efforts are designed to bring your property back to its original condition, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment.

Got Mold? Get In Touch With Us

If your home or business has been invaded by mold growth, don’t hesitate to call. You can reach us at 704-960-3922 or use the form below to get an estimate on mold remediation services in Lake Wylie, SC and all surrounding areas!