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Fires possess the capacity to cause harm through various means, emphasizing the essential nature of evaluating these factors when deciding on a fire damage restoration company. Besides the apparent damage inflicted by the fire, there’s often underestimated smoke damage stemming from the fire itself, alongside potential water damage caused by firefighting measures. Recognizing the comprehensive consequences of fire-related emergencies is crucial.

For outstanding fire damage restoration services in Fort Mill, SC, consider Dark Sky Restoration. Our team meticulously addresses all facets of fire-related damage, ensuring a thorough restoration process. We comprehend the complexity of fire damage, encompassing its diverse forms, and we are well-equipped to handle them.

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Fort Mill, SC Fire Damage Restoration Process

The moment the fire is extinguished , call us ASAP to start the fire damage restoration process immediately. When your call comes through, we dispatch our crew to provide a free inspection of the property, identifying areas affected and determining the severity. 

If you have any broken or compromised doors, windows, roofing, or walls as a result of fire damage on your property, we will board them up, support what might collapse and provide you with roof tarping. 

Depending on the situation, the fire department may have used water to put the first out, and as a result, the water may have damaged the structure. We begin removing water right away to limit the amount of secondary damage. After water extraction, we utilize industrial dehumidifiers and fans/air movers to remove any remaining moisture and finish the drying process.

We will use a combination of professional fire damage restoration equipment to remove smoke and soot from the property. This can include air filtration devices with charcoal filters to cleanse the air and various cleaning methods to clean surfaces, contents, and belongings back to pre-loss condition.

Eliminating a lingering smoke odor involves more than just cleaning up a mess. It requires strategic planning and inspection to locate the causes of the odor and remove or neutralize them completely. Covering up the smell just isn’t good enough because it will eventually return, and our job is to fix the issue completely, not allow it to return to remember a traumatic time.

As a licensed general contractor Dark Sky Restoration can handle any and all fire damage repairs necessary. 

24/7 Emergency Fire Board Up in Fort Mill, SC

Witnessing a fire is a traumatic experience for any home or business owner. Often, the aftermath leaves the structure compromised – windows shattered, doors missing, and sometimes roofs and walls riddled with holes.

In such dire situations, arranging for emergency fire board up services is crucial. These services play a pivotal role in ensuring protection and security by boarding up blown-out windows and exposed entry points. Covering roof holes with tarps prevents additional damage from external elements. These measures act as a barrier, warding off the impact of weather, vandalism, and intrusion by animals. Opting for fire board up services provides much-needed financial relief in the wake of a fire.

Smoke Removal and Deodorization​

Eliminating smoke odors from your residence or commercial space is no easy feat; it often feels like an uphill struggle without the proper know-how. Each type of smoke damage demands specific tools and methods to ensure efficient smoke deodorization and odor eradication. Experts in smoke deodorization frequently utilize specialized equipment like HEPA air scrubbers, thermal foggers, vapor modifiers, and ozone generators.

Our devoted team is unwaveringly dedicated to deodorizing your property, aiming to restore it to its pre-smoke damage condition. Our objective is to assist you in regaining your normal life without the haunting presence of persistent odors.

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